Every project starts as a simple exploration of the possibilities through design and feasibility; if it feels right, we build off that.

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Studio.Transparent is a design firm that focuses on the design and execution of custom projects. The scale of our work ranges from furniture to new homes and commercial spaces. Our work is defined by careful consideration of spatial planning, custom details and craftsmanship and a strong relationship to the prairie landscape. Our unique approach to design is rooted in a rigorous process of drawing and modeling and an emphasis on client collaboration.

Our design work is defined by honesty. Honesty in design often means a respect for materials, construction methods or preexisting conditions. Our design projects exhibit a minimalist aesthetic that brings craftsmanship and volumes of light and space to the foreground. We find a beauty in simplicity and in the alignment of function and space. We like to take the time to get things right.

Honesty also defines our relationships with our clients. We’ve evolved our design process and expanded our service offerings. We recognize that clear understandings of costs and respect for a project budget are design tools. We’ve integrated methods for accurate and in depth estimating, developed out of twenty years as builders and project managers, early into our design process and present all of this information to our clients. A built project is an investment, and with our experience and advice, we try to guide the early phases of a design project based on economic realities.

Exceptional design is often affordable but every project has its costs. Our aim is to help you determine if the project you are imagining is the right fit for you. Then we help bring it to life.